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WWA Unplugged 

Back in December the band did a special unplugged with friends show.  They reworked some of the tunes and added a violin and cello.  Here is a video of Outside Boston from that show, along with the original!  



Golden – This naturally came easiest of all the songs on Artificial Light. It delves into the reasons behind how and why we are ok with the situations we find ourselves in. I questioned why so often it takes a breaking point to actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether it is a toxic relationship or the comfort in routine, both are like quicksand, and equally demoralizing to the growth of a person’s character. The line in the chorus “If We Were Somewhere Else We’d All Be Golden,” is a voice telling a person to change things up. Go somewhere new, meet new people try new things…..just get out of your comfort zone and live like you are in your wonder years and experiencing things for the first time!


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Day 1: LA Bound 

It's 6 am at Boston Logan Airport.   It seemed like this day would never come and yet here we are with bags packed, pedal boards in hand, guitars in cases....meandering through the bag check lines, being chased down by power hungry Airport Supervisors.  Eventually we made it to the TSA checkpoints with guitars in tow, and not a single problem! We brought our good friend and videographer/ creative director Chris Cucinotto along to document the entire experience!!

We landed in LA around 12 pm grabbed our rental car and hit Hollywood Blvd.   We pulled into the Roosevelt Hotel where Antonio's cousin works.  She was able to comp our valet parking, and we got special treatment at the restaurant 25 degrees!!  Not a bad way to start the trip!  Thanks Callie!!!

It was surreal walking Hollywood Blvd, and actually being there in the thick of it.   We found a Zoltar machine while acting like tourists and following the star littered streets on the Blvd.  Tim couldn't wait to end up like Tom Hanks in "Big", so he fed that thing a dollar and made a wish!   We will let you know tomorrow if Zoltar had any effect..did we mention it is 65 degrees here today!  Sorry Boston!       

The Banana Bungalow was next on our list....ya it sounds like a sexual innuendo, but it is actually the Hostel we will be calling our home for the next 7 days.  We figured we would rough it out and experience/ take in all this trip has to offer in the least of luxurious ways.   Everyone always asks "why did you guys decide to go out to LA to record when you can do it at home".  That would be too easy people!  Some of the most exciting and inspirational things can happen when you remove yourself from the normalcy of your daily routine.  This is a challenge and an experience we will never have again and the growth that we will experience not only individually but as a band by throwing ourselves out there, will show through in our music!.

We capped the night off with a star lit view of the LA skyline atop a roof deck in Hollywood with family and friends.  Day number one in the books!!!!  Thank you all for the continued support!. 

Keep It Easy

Looking Back 

I am sitting on the couch and digging into what else but a band list of to do’s .  It’s a never ending thing!  A mountain of what appears to be undeliverable goals…  Business cards, t shirt designs, posters, songs, booking shows, and the list goes on.  I find myself going through this cycle of getting overwhelmed and thinking “where will I find the time?”  Then I am reminded that I have my bandmates, my brothers!

I always get a laugh when I think back to the humble beginnings.  Times when this band was just a dream, an adolescent boy’s wet dream…. Did I take it too far…maybe, but it’s that exciting, no really it is!   I like to think I was pretty ingenious in my ability to convince the other guys that this band would just be for fun!  I recall telling Tim, “We will get together once a month dude, and maybe a gig here or there!”   But I think he knew me better than I gave him credit for at the time.  I think they all did!  Although we believed that a successful career in the music industry could still be achieved with the current state of the music industry, the possibility was never a thought that crossed our minds.  Thinking that far ahead only left room for fearing the unknown, and the risk of taking chances…

It has been a year since we released our debut album, and those questions and thoughts no longer permeate through our minds.  I truly believe when you find something you are passionate about you will push the boundaries of what you deem possible to make it a reality.  That positive energy then becomes contagious and addicting.  You believe anything is possible….even the craziest things such as getting blood from a stone seem feasible!  I guess the point is…the feeling we get when playing out and hearing our songs sung back to us is the most amazing and uplifting experience one could have from throwing themselves so vulnerably into the line of fire.  We enjoy so much sharing these songs with you, and we are beyond excited to get back into the studio from March 5th through the 12th to record our new EP.  We hope you continue to stay with us every step of the way!!

Keep It Easy
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